Head won’t go down to bed

I have a Creality CR-10 Smart.
And it’s acting no-so-smart…
When I choose a print, it zeros out the X and Y axis then does the Z axis in the center of the build plate. On the left post of the tower, there is a red IR light of sorts and when the carriage goes down, there is an arm that disrupts the red light. The Z axis stops getting closer to the build plate as soon as it interrupts the light. Where as before, as per normal, the head would go down until the nozzle kisses the build plate, and then it would run and do the purge line.
Does anyone know of any reasoning as to why all of a sudden the Z axis stops when the red light is broken versus when it would kiss the table like usual? Now all the prints, ones I’ve done plenty of times before, all try to print like 1cm off the table.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Can get pics upon request.