Heat Break for a CR6-SE

am looking for the right Copperhead Heat break for my Creality CR6-SE for this hotend :

The people at Slice Engineering can’t help. Would anyone here know?

hey @gondolin, I just pulled one of the hot ends apart, We do not have the throat, I am a little surprised by that but I will put a call into creality and see how long it will take to get them. Unfortunately, I would not expect it to be quick but I will do what I can.

Actually, I am not looking for a CR-6 hotend original heatbreak. My enquiry follows a video by CHEPS who introcuces copperhead heatbreaks by Slice Engineering. They are longer than the one in creality hotends and reduces chances of heatcreep.

Youtube # High Temperature Bi-Metal Hot End Upgrade on any Creality 3D Printer

Problem is they have several models for various printer models but don’t know the CR6 so they can’t tell me which one I should get.

Ahh, gotcha, I will see if I can figure something out on Monday, So its the original factory hot end?

I want to add something like this to my CR6

Have you considered actually replacing the whole thing with the slice hotend not a clone (ish) (not really a clone if the parts are not interchangeable) slice recommends a mosquito for the cr6se. Something to think on.

Yes I have actually. But since they could not help me with a heat break for my model of printer, I did not bother to ask about a «mosquito».

LOL well not a big surprise its ont one of theirs.