Heatbreak for CR10V3

Does anyone know what all metal heatbreak would fit in a CR10 V3?

Loos lkem a tough one. Nobody lists a part that says it will fit for sure

I looked it up but the pictures of the hotend are covered in a shroud so I couldn’t see what kind it is. If it uses the same red hotend as other Creality machines then it should accept an all metal heat brake. Post pictures of it.

The few threads ive read on it makes me think its an orphan. Seems like its a smooth upper on the heat sink end and threaded on the heat block end. My B1 is like that so I wondered if the one for the B1 Would fit

Glenn that sounds like it is the standard Creality type but they differ on the length of the top part from other brands. This explains how and what it is according to CHEP. It effectively convert your hotend into something similar to the Micro Swiss hotend. IF IT FITS. Cheaper ones are frequently to short.

yeah, that looks like mine I got titanium ones from 3dpc not sure what the length of them are though.

I looked at those too, right design but I think they are too short for the Creality hotend.

I saw a post where they said the diameter is different too and they had to use heat paste. I do anyway but it’s a good fit in my volcano.