Heated Bed Vibration (60 Hz)


Is it common for the build plate to vibrate (60 Hz AC, to the touch) when heating?


No. I would think that a fan in your system is responsible for the vibration.

How do you know it’s 60Hz?

I believe he is referring to the input power to the printer as a wall socket is 110-120V at about 60Hz AC

Yes, its from the input power to the bed only, which has its own separate supply from the rest of the printer. I had to replace the rocker switch (DPST) for that supply and now the vibration of the bed is more pronounced. I can feel it as the power cycles to maintain bed temp. I have another printer of the same type (Raptor 2) that I am also comparing it too.


Maybe you could describe your setup in more detail (and provide pictures)?

For example, does the bed run on AC or DC? How is it wired to the controller (with understanding the ground connections being an important consideration)?

Yes, AC.

Ground is the yellow/green wire.

Could you provide a wiring diagram?

How’s this? Best I can do without disassembling the machine.


What is the line on the left side of the “bed heater” and how are you connecting the SSR to the controller board? What is the manufacturer and part number of the SSR? Is there a direct connection between the two middle pins that I think you’re using for Earth on the SSR? Finally, what is everything mounted on (is it a metal frame)?

You said you were going to compare this printer to another one - what were the results and is the other one wired like this one?

  1. Ground line to AL build plate.
  2. Don’t know how the SSR is connected to CB.
  3. Manufacturer and part number in the diagram.
  4. I think so, looks like the SSR has a metal back plain.
  5. Mounted to the the plastic case, see first image. Not sure if there is connections to the frame.
  6. I had compared it to the other Raptor, this one appears more energetic.


Umm. Doing a bit on Google, it sounds like the P/N is CDG1-1DA-40A. I have no idea who the manufacturer is. Delixi and Zamtac seem to make this part. Please verify the part number and manufacturer.

You’re going to have to explain the actual connection to the controller board as well as any other connections.

I’m not sure what you mean by “more energetic”. Please explain and also provide a wiring diagram of the second printer.

From the terseness of your reply it seems like my questions are inconvenient for you. I think you might have a grounding problem but I can’t pin it down unless you provide me with precise answers. If it seems like you’ve already answered the question and I ask it again then you haven’t answered it.