Heating Issue Error Message

Had just gotten it repaired and replaced hotend and such under 14 warranty…first 2 prints were great, then third would start the print but within seconds the temp would flick around for a few seconds and would stop with unexpected heating error… the only thing I can find is to add a thermal paste to the new thermostat thing? or its something to do with the reading temperature is loose?..but Im sure they did all that so any ideas why it popped up? I turned it off for a bit and hit resume print this time and now it works, just praying I dont have to bring it back. Maybe machine was left on too long? I really dont wanna tamper or open it up if it does it again because Ill mess it up worse. Thanks for any advice!

Error E004. 2507 not heating as expected again on the next print … says -85 degrees and stays with error…

Turned off and on now says Warning E500 ke:y2509 unknown exception and Warning E204 key:502 board fan abnormal flicking cant do anything now :confused: …restart it again

Now Error: E002 key:2060, Internal Error

Rip. :frowning:

What printer???

Just the K1 but the entire things just haulted all Ive done is hit on and off and print since getting it back from warranty…dont wanna tamper with it incase so back I go :unamused: but yeah the temperature says negative 89-92 so the gage must be whack

It is likely the thermistor. it’s the thermometer thing that tells the printer what the temperature is. There is a safety feature to prevent the temperature from running out of control (thermal runaway) it shuts heating down.

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Yes I agree with @kitedemon, 9/10 times it is the thermistor that is the cause of this error. Unfortunately because the k1 max uses a ceramic heater core you can’t replace the thermistor without also replacing the entire heating block.

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