Hello, All, I am LG from BC Canada

Hello there, all,
my name’s LG & I started my 3D adventure within the last year or so. I have designed & Printed my own LED lights for growing plants with & have also made some other fun projects, such as a Wood PLA print that securely holds my Mac mini & Monitor to protect them from potential pouncing kitties

I have some experience printing with PETg, & for the wood project I Stained & put a clear coat finish on the pieces that I printed. My next project that I am currently working on (in SketchUP) is my 2nd round of LED light fixture prototypes & the filament that I am looking to use for this is a Carbon Fibre possibly a Carbon Fibre-Nylon

If you have any experience with Carbon Fibre (and or Carbon Fibre-Nylon, please LMK) & recently swapped to a Macintosh computer + my printer is a CraftBot Flow IDEX

If you have any comments or questions on any of the subjects of mentioned above, please leave a reply & I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, All the best

Hello LG,

I’d say welcome, but we’re all new here!

I haven’t printed with carbon filaments but have definitely learned the first thing you should do before printing with the stuff is upgrade your hotend nozzle to hardened steel. The carbon infused filament chews away the brass nozzle quickly.


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Cheers, Thank you Teknokraze, I’ll look into that. I was actually just reading something similar & was questioning that very same subject! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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We appreciate you joining us here in our new community.

Make sure you share your favorite prints or best upgrades.

Jason Harding

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