Hello, bonjour la team!

Hi guys !
I’m Laurent from France
I 've got a CR-M4 after a CR10
I need help with this printer, let’s go

Welcome to the forum Laurent.

Ok please explain what you need help with. Have you researched youtube videos on that printer? There are many very helpful videos available. Such as this one.

Hi Blenky,
I don’t know if it’s here that I must talk about printer’s problems !
Maybe I have to open a new post in the right section ?
My problem is with the Z axis, I have a correction of -1,95mm (I did a auto leveling at the fist start like in the video, as it’s writen in the start manual)
I wanted to print a 14" cylinder but on the about 1/4 of the top left first layer, there were no material and I could see that the wheel on the extruder doesn’t roll normaly but goes forward/backward very quikly.
Another guy here in France tell me the same thing with his M4 (not at the same place on the printer)
The second thing is always about Z axis when there’s a power outage, the printer ask me if I want to resume print, I say “yes” but it’s as if it doesn’t take into account the pitch correction so the nozzle is nearly 2mm to high !!!
Another thing I notice is that after a power outage the printer doesn’t restart where it stops and it doesn’t go to some spots…
My firmware and screen version is 2.0.3
Thanks for your help !

The photos !