Hello filament, my old friend

Sup? Maddmaxx308 here. Tillsonburg.
Running an Ender 3V2 with basic mods (yellow springs, ptfe capricorn tube, aluminum extruder)

Going to be installing heatsinks on my stepper motors on the weekend, as well as a flexible lead screw (z rod) coupler, and maybe replacing some wheels.

I am waiting for a replacement board from my original printer supplier as I was affected by the 4.2.2 overheat layer shift issue, the 4.2.7 board should be here by next week. Not being able to print is nerve racking!

Links to the stuff:

  • limited to 2 links per post, so search the parts list by heat sink and sort by your printer type. I got the Bond Tech 11x11 heat sinks.

Flexible lead screw coupling

Official Creality V Slot wheels (looks like they are on sale!)

PM me any time. I’ve been down the rabbit hole quite a bit.

Barely leaning design with tinkercad and want to get into f360. Mostly been modifying things in Microsoft 3D builder.

So far I’ve only printed in PLA. I have a spool of ABS, PETG, And Wood just sitting around, but the SAKATA3D 850PLA is amazing.

No, this is not an advertisement. I just love it here.

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Hey MadMaxx

Welcome to the Forum

We appreciate you joining us here in our new community.

Make sure you share your favorite prints or best upgrades.

Jason H.

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Just a quick note, since you brought it up: you do NOT need heat sinks for stepper motors for the average 3D printer. The layer shift issue you had was heat related but applied to the stepper motor drivers going into thermal protection mode and shutting down. It has nothing to do with the steppers themselves. It’s actually caused by either a timing issue or current limiting issue within the drivers themselves. The steppers themselves are rated at 80C. For reference sake, mine are running at 46C, 4 hours into a print.


Wishing you good luck on getting your new board in and going :slight_smile:

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