Hello from Belleville Ontario

I just received my Ender 3S1 and went through a couple of setup videos and printed the rabbit which came on the SD card. This is my first go with a 3d printer. Here are a couple of photos, one of the rabbit and one of the steel plate. I may upgrade to a pei plate as it seems they are well worth the upgrade. I imagine I still have a few adjustments to make until I get the hang of these. The print left a fair bit of residue on the plate as well.

Hi @gsully welcome to the forum, Glad to meet you.

Don’t worry much about the residue, Just means your nozzle is a smidge too tight on the bed. As long as you are not contacting the bed the res will clean off with your next print.

The first prints look good, nothing wrong with that. they will get more exciting I promise. Hope to see you here often

Thanks for the response, should I adjust the z offset for this?

I had the same problem as I just started learning as well. Nozzle was too low and permanently etched my board but still works fine. I found out that I had to do about 3 or 4 manual levelling sequences then watch the print very closely at first. I used a 4 line skirt and watch the nozzle clearance. This gives you time to make corrections before the actual print starts. if I see an issue (Z too high or too low) I click on the top area of the home screen then next page select Z axis comp and move it up or down accordingly. You can also adjust the 4 corners on the go if you see it is not sticking.

Find a good bed levelling test print that puts a thin block in each corner and the center this also works well for adjustments on he go. Here is one that I use. You can scale it to what works best for your bed.

Have fun.

Blenky thanks for the response and tips on this issue

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I went through my whole setup again today tramming the bed and resetting my z offset, sure seems to have made a big improvement in overall print.

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Hey great to hear. Nice to see you got it to work out. You’ll be a pro in no time.

I am truly loving the hobby. I have been a 3D industrial designer for about 15 years and 25 years of 2D design before that and always thought of getting into 3D printing. Now that I have I am finding that the limit is your imagination. I love to print and tinker so it’s a great hobby for me.

Happy printing.


Thanks, and I have no experience in 3D design or software so that will be my next step. I do have a cnc and have imported 3D designs but never tried to modify anything yet as I do not have any software to design to modify 3D objects yet. I guess I’ll have to do some research on this subject.

I use Solidworks which is what I have been using for 15 years so I am very comfortable with it. I love taking someone’s design and improving it or modifying it for my requirements.

What many are using in the hobby is Fusion 360 by Autodesk which would be somewhat easier to learn. There will be a learning curve for you no matter what software you decide to use. Tinkercad is another one that can work also by Autodesk.

Ok thanks for the recommendations

I would just like to thank Jason for the great tech support in helping me diagnose the problem which I created and a thank you to Sam for helping me get the parts needed to get me back up and running.

Hey @gsully

THank you for the kind words, Glad you got it all figured out. Love to see what you plan on doing with it, NOw that the kinks are worked out.

Happy Printing!!

Already thinking I should have gotten a machine with a bigger bed lol. Just working on some brackets and tool holders for the shop right now. Trying to get a bit of experience under my belt.
Thanks again

I hear ya, It will always be an argument, I have a couple of 10-Maxes and I still want a modix

I can make an argument for 120X, Not sure if my wife would agree cause it would totally just be a toy at that point. I don’t print for retail, I just print B2B

Yes, depending on your printer you may be able to adjust the z offset while running.