Hello from CA I need some help

I live near Palm Springs and I am restoring a 1929 cadillac. I have reproduced things in brass but 3D in plastic would be better. Does anyone know of someone or a company in my area that can make the CAD drawing and print a 3D part? I want to get into 3D printing but do not have the time or money right now.
jp1gt@yahoo.com -----Jack

There are probably hundreds of companies that can do that in the southern Cal. area.

Use the force… sorry use the internet and expect to pay big. If you have friends that use CAD it would be a lot cheaper for you. Another long shot is some company making repo parts may already have the CAD work done.

I am surprised that there are not any in the palm springs area. I found a couple an hour away.

Palm Springs is a bit upscale to have mere tradesmen there.

LA isn’t that far away and you should be able to get anything you want there. Why use plastic parts on an old vehicle that didn’t have parts like that originally?

That’s what I thought that Palm springs is a bunch of rich people but it’s not. I actually live in thousand palms anyway. A friend of mine is going to loan me a bunch of parts for me to copy so I have to be ready for it

Well I guess the rich people need there slaves nearby. Might be a good time to learn CAD.

There are VERY rich people in different areas. The thrift stores have some good clothes and furniture! With this restoration project I have learned how to remove rust easily and inexpensively, and how to do hydrochrome. I just don’t have the time to learn anything else for now. I got a quote from a company
500 for the CAD and 500 for the printing.

So the very rich can’t be seen living with the merely rich.

$1000 isn’t to bad for restoration work like that.

Well I can have little pieces made in bronze for about $100 including mold. I guess I will have to wait for 3D printing till everybody else is doing it