Hello from Cape Breton :)

Our ideal clients are business’s and individuals who require design and/or production assistance in creating prototypes and end use parts.

One day soon I predict that everyone will have a 3D printer in their house. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is rapidly changing the way we do things and our company facilitates designing for additive manufacturing (DFAM) as well as prototyping and end use part services.

Our business really started when we were self isolating after a conference in Florida as COVID presented itself to the world in March 2020. Wanting to do anything we could to help, we started designing and printing personal protective gear (face shields, healthy no-touch creations). We also wanted to help other small businesses succeed and a portion of our revenue goes into a Kiva account to assist businesses around the world.

Hey Dave, welcome to the forum!!!

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Hello from Dartmouth!


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Hi Alex,

What are you printing with? I’m running an Ultimaker S5 (dual extruder).

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Hey Dave!
I have a Prusa mk3S , sidewinder X1, oh and a monoprice mini. The X1 is new the other two are a bit over a year old. Lots of hours on the Prusa.