Hello from clarkescustomcreations

Hello Matt from clarkescustomcreations in nova scotia just finished setting up my halot mage to start my first ever resin print using 3DRS from my visit to the awesome 3D printing Canada store was so exciting to see

Hi Matt I’m Alex, also in NS. Welcome. I really don’t know much about resin printing other than reading the SDS, lol. Be careful it can be quite nasty. I looked at doing it but the cost of renovations to meet the SDS as a business was too high for me.

Thanks nice to kno im not the only nova scotian in here lol the resin is definitely a mess i won the printer on a creality live event so its minimal expense invested i wasn’t planning to get into resin any time soon but now ive got to learn i guess lol so far its been a fight still not sure i got it an i hate that you can’t see the first layer

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