Hello From Guelph, On

I am newish to 3d printing, been at it off and on since early 2018 I have two very modified printers, first a Tronxy x5s converted to direct drive (Titan Aero) and linear rails(custom Printed components) and an Ender 3 converted to direct drive (Hemera) and linear rails (3dFused kit).

I also have a Sienci Longmill I got through kickstarter at the end of 2019, but have not had any time with this past year to use it very much. I have a few CNC projects I plan to make on it, but never have the time.

I enjoy printing and designing more functional prints, but also enjoy toys or things that can only be made on a 3d Printer. For the functional prints, it’s mostly so we don’t have to go out and buy something small - picture hooks, fan, phone or TV remote holders, storage solutions.

This year should be an interesting year as I await a JG Maker Artist-d and a creality CD-30 from kickstarter as well as my first step into a fully custom printer from 3dFused the DiyCore. I do like corexy printers, not that they are better than anything else, just less moving parts makes things easier on me.

Sharing the things I make has always been on my mind, but never really saw the place to do it. Will see if this year gives some more time to put things out onto the internet.

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