Hello from Hamilton ON

Hey guys, I’m a noob from Hamilton ON. I took delivery of the first 3D printer that I’ve ever owned, in February 2021. I have been experimenting with slicer settings and generally getting used to the 3D printing workflow. Oh I should mention that I am using a resin printer, not a filament printer. So I’ll be participating in the resin-focused forums only. I am currently printing a model of the CN Tower that I drew, and have printed a variety of other things successfully such as a model of the SpaceX crew dragon spacecraft, an Apple Watch dock, and an iPhone dock. I hope to get good enough to sell models on Etsy.


Hey Freddy, welcome!

I looked at the CN tower design nice work. I hope your shop does well. I am interested in what other designs you come up with!


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Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: I saw your comment on the a220-100. I actually maintained A220-300’s before getting laid off. Now i teach about it. Im always finding guys that worked there and hear neat stories on its development.

Ask your friend if he did any work on FTV-3?

No, I looked up what that means, and he didn’t understand the reference so it’s not likely that he was employed there during the flight test vehicle assembly.