Hello from London, Ontario

I have been using FDM printers for a few years now and just recently bought a used Anycubic mono x 6k resin printer. The seller said it had a problem and he wasn’t the handy type so he sold it for a really low price. I took the chance and after some troubleshooting i found the lcd wasn’t displaying any images. Updating firmware, checking cable connections didn’t work for me. It turns out the lcd screen above the uv light needs to be replaced. The problem is that the screen is sold out on chitu systems and anycubic’s website. Amazon one seller on there for a whopping $250. Ali express ain’t cheap either but will get the old version of the screen. The new screen anycubic sells has a better arrangement to it that helps prevent these type of failures. Does anyone else know where I can buy it for a reasonable price? Alternatively I notice they have a 6Ks model for sale and the replacement screen is cheaper and in stock, would that screen work for my 6K model? Could I make it work if I changed a few other parts?

I hope with joining this forum I can get some help with my screen issue, and once the printer is up and running just general help being new to resin printing. I also hope to help others with their problems since I’m pretty good at troubleshooting.