Hello from Maritimes Canada!

Hello to this sweet community.

I have been dabbing into 3D printing since 2020 but decided to take the jump and get my first brand new printer!

I bought a used IIIP (V1) printer in 2020 and though it has shown me how fun printing can be, it was too small and causing a ton of problems to troubleshoot.

Got myself a Elegoo Neptune Pro 4 Max and have been loving it. I would like to start a small printing business as a side gig and see where things end up. Can’t wait to get to know everyone here.


that’s awesome, there are a few maritimers here. Welcome

Welcome, we are so glad you decided to join us!

Elegoo has been really upping their game recently, I have been very impressed with the printers they have been releasing. What kinds of things do you like to print/ what are you thinking of selling (if you want to say of course).


That is great! Glad to know some of us are already here. XD

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I am really impressed with it myself! I am having a squeking issue when it moves over an inch or more quickly but it is also printing on a wobbly dresser lol. Space is not great right now.

I haven’t figured out fully what I want to print for sale. I know there are nerd stuff like deck boxes and storage solution for games that would be nice (a local game store said they are willing to help promote and sell if I show some goods).

But I think I want to make a bit of everything, showcase them on a website I will make, and then use facebook and other sales places to advertise the website. I think long term I want to make cosplay stuff (but probably will be on the hobby end) and hopefully parts for businesses or prototypes.

Basically I will see what will happen. XD I have knowledge in 3D modelling and am an apprentice electrician so I think I have a good start to some of this.

Sounds like you got most of your bases covered.

Keep us updated on how things go, or any designs or such that you make!

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That’s cool. If you are selling stuff please pay attention to the licence if you are not designing your own things. Most designs shared are attribution, non commercial, share alike.

Yes! This is something I have definitely keeping track of. Hoping once I get used to modelling in CAD format (I’m use to Maya, 3Ds Max) so I can make my own things. :smiley:

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Its a big job learning 3d software by times. I am using Fusion, I am getting better but still have a lot to learn. I forget many things I only use once or twice, one step forward…

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