Hello from Middletown, Ohio

Hello 3d printers Canada
Old engineer here keeping myself entertained.
I have been designing guitar bodies with a luthier in Kentucky. He (LEX) has two CR M4 printers and I (D’Ray) recently bought one myself. My designs have been very popular. We recently: like 4 days ago lol, started a FB page to advertise our custom work.
LEX 3 D’Ray custom guitars
Link to some photos
We both have been 3d printing for years. My first 3d printing classes were in the early 90’s at the Cast Metals Institute in Chicago. My current engineering job is a Quality Engineering role for a medical device manufacturer in Dayton printing spinal implants. We have huge project with five new 3d Systems $750k titanium printers and recently installed two $million dual laser 3d Systems titanium printers. 3d Systems located in Colorado was founded by the inventor of 3d printers.
Anyhow, Hello everyone and great to be part of the 3d printing community.

HI Dan
Welcome to the forum - glad you found us!
Great work on the guitars!
Tagging @Matthew here to take a look at them as well.
We’ve got a great group of people here - so feel free to jump in and ask/answer any questions you may have or see.

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Wow you guys have some great work!

I can tell a lot of passion goes into these projects, if I need anything in the future I will be sure to reach out!

D’Ray Purple Samurai … one of my favorite designs.