Hello from Parry Sound Ont

Hi everyone! I’ve been 3d printing for about 3 weeks. Some of you may be familiar with my Dad. Frank (Albergman). I got his Biqu B1 and have been busy figuring out this fantastic (and fantastically frustrating) world!!
I’m finishing up a product I’m developing and the printer will hopefully get me the results I’ve been trying to achieve.
I’m having some problems which I will post in the appropriate category, but just wanted to introduce myself and say hi, so… HI!!!

I remember Frank, model trains right? he said you’d be by lol

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Hi Glenn. Yup, that’s him. I’ve seen a few of your conversations on this site and I will be continuing the tradition. I’ve got a real intermittent problem with this thing that I will get into tmrw. Let the collective gray matter go to work in this forum. Thanks for the reply and we’ll talk to ya later.

Yes I think we all have memories of Frank. say hello for us all. Also welcome your self.


Thanks Alex. I will indeed say Hi on your behalf. It’s good to be here.