Hello from South Australia

Good morning just starting out at 70 years young so will need some help I am sure.

Moved to Adelaide South Australia 3 years ago from Queensland and the wife just bought me a Ender 3 Pro for our wedding anniversary.

Raining and cold here today with winter just starting cheers Robert


Hello Robert and welcome aboard. As a newbie myself who just joined a month ago I think you’ll find this a friendly bunch of (mostly) colonials like yourself who have been very generous in helping me get into this mysterious world.

PS My late brother was a Robert but he preferred Rob.


Hi Frank thank you for your welcome, prefer Robert myself. Where abouts are you located and what printer do you use thans Robert

Hello Robert! welcome. My name is Alex, I live in NS Canada and I am very happy to say we are entering summer and the temps are warm quite warm in fact for this time of year. Close to 30ºC.

I personally own a Tiko they had a rather successful kickstarter a few years back but it is a flawed design and the company over extended and went bankrupt.

I also have had a Monoprice Mini a Prusa MK3s and a Sidewinder artillery which was nothing but problems (thanks Creality… Oh sorry Shenzhen -Your Name Here- Technology Co., Ltd.)


:slight_smile: You’re talking to (mostly) a bunch of Canadians. How do you define “cold”?


To define cold in Australia to a Canadian would be a bit hard. I use to live and work in Darwin,NT where it would be 35c and 99% humidity. I was a welder at the local power station so know heat. During winter then it would be 26c during the day with about 50% humidity near perfect weather. But if I woke up in the morning and it was 16c or below I did not go to work as I considered it too cold.

I have seen your snow drifts and icy roads and you can have it my fiend with my blessing. All depends on where you have lived and what you get use to. These days below 10c and the heater is on but I am also older and more experienced. Cheers Robert

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Hi again Robert

I live near Barrie, Ontario … retired IT guy. My printer is a BiQu B1 and so far (6 weeks) I’m very happy with it but I hear maybe I should have gone with Ender as you did. Be interested to hear your experiences with it.


Hi Frank will report back in the thread later today after I check what has been advise. If that does not work will ring the company the wife bought it from cheers Robert.

Welcome to the forum @RobertNotBob!!! Great to have ya :slight_smile:

Hi Robert

Welcome to the Forum, Glad to see you here. Glad to see you here from the other side of the world. My cousin is working in New Zealand currently as a chief, he is loving the weather there.

Look forward to seeing what you are up to and get you out of the new printer status. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the show Robert. :slight_smile: One day i want to visit Australia.

I also want to goto Australia! I was accepted to the masters program at University of Tasmania in Hobart. Personal issues kept me from going, I still regret that.