Hello from Staffordshire in the UK

Greetings, all! Hailing from the charming region of Staffordshire in the UK, I am excited to share my newfound journey into the realm of 3D printing. Just recently, I took the plunge and acquired my very first 3D printer, opting for the impressive Ender 3 S1 Pro model. After embarking on my initial printing endeavours, I must admit that I am utterly captivated by the process. As time unfolds, I would like to start creating my own designs basic ones to start. Wish me luck and I look forward to connecting with everyone.

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It is quite a journey. The technology will change the world sooner or later.

Interesting 3d esk things to google!
3D bio printing
3D printed houses
Mimaki 3D printer
North Carolina State University gel metal

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Thank you, I will give them a google :smiley:

HI @GrumpyMonk

Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here for the journey.

Looking forward to hearing about what you are working on.

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