Hello from Stratford Ontario

Hello all!
I’ve been printing for the last 3 years. I actually started off with an SLA printer and moved into FDM afterwards. Been having lots of fun printing out tons of functional prints on the FDM and mainly use the SLA to print out minis for D&D. Largest print so far has been a Tiamat print from MZ4250. Took up my entire bed for body and wings on the FDM, and printed the heads on the SLA. Multi day print with A LOT of headaches! I also printed the Gipsy Danger Jaeger from Pacific Rim on the SLA that maxed out the height. That was one big boy!

SLA - Voxelab Proxima 6.0 2K

  • Bought during the pandemic and modified with a silent stepper driver
  • Generally using a mix of 80% Siraya Tech Fast, 10% Siraya Tech Blu, and 10% Siraya Tech Tenacious for minis
  • Running Creality LD-002H firmware on original Chitu board

FDM - Voxlab Aquila X2 H32

  • Running Klipper on an RPi 3
  • Original Voxelab H32 board
  • Dual Z-Stepper mod
  • Hero Me Gen 7 with Dual 5015 parts cooling
  • Creality Spider v3 Hotend
  • BL-Touch clone ABL
  • Eventually modifying to direct drive and adding an enclosure
    Hoping to try out some different filaments other than PLA and PETG once I can get an enclosure and venting/filtering figured out. Particularly want to try out some ASA or ABS for some more structural parts for building and using outdoors.

Hey there, welcome to the forum!

Certianly seems like you have been busy! It sounds like your Aquila X2 is having a bit of an identity crisis :rofl:

Looking forward to seeing what you print!

It definitely is. I actually had a mount fail and the hot end melted into one of the wheels and damaged the carriage on it. So it also has an Ender carriage which also makes further mods easier to do… It definitely is far from stock at this point.

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