Hello from the Creek!

Hey, hello, hiya!!

Very new to 3d printing. Ended up getting the Creality Ender Max Neo. Kinda excited to mess around, learn the ins and outs, my haha epic fails and the day I get a goood print.
So happy that this shop is like less than 15mins away (I promise not to stock the shop lol) Everyone was awesome and super helpful today!!!

If anyone has any tips plz feel free to drop me a comment. Anything you know now you wish ya knew b4 hand. I am all ears. Spam me with tips and tricks!!!

Hope to chat with many peeps in here!!
Until then, have a great day or night (depending when ya read this haha)



Hi, welcome! It can be a bit of a learning curve but well worth the journey.


Hi kitedemon, thx!!!

I am a tad overwhelmed by watching a few vids. This will be one thing Im not going to jump in blindfolded hahahaha
Printer should be here tomorrow, excited about that. Will take my time, read what I need too and watch more vids!!
Hope to chat more!!!


Hi… Welcome to the community

Hi there,

It was so great to see you in the store yesterday! One tip I would recommend would be to set your z-offset a little higher than you think it should be, then start the print and adjust the z-offset to what it should be.

The reason for setting the z-offset higher than it should be is to avoid the nozzle running into the bed, I always prefer starting with the nozzle a little bit higher than it should be rather than a little bit lower.

Hello and thx!!!

Hey Matthew!!!

Thx for that tip. Late shipment and says it “should” be here today. Hoping to have time today to get it set up. If not, aiming for the weekend.

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Welcome. Also from the creek. I have a K1, K1 Max, and a CRs10 Pro

Thx Armyscott and hello!!

I’ve been printing something every day since it has arrived. LOL

Wow 3 printers!!! Maybe, sometime, I might get another lol

I’m having wayyyy too much fun.


Welcome to the group - I am from Goderich, ON. I was where you are this time last year. After a full year of trials and errors I now think I have the hang of 90% of it and it has been one great ride after another. You will find many in here that are extremely helpful and very experienced.

Enjoy your ride.


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Hi Blenky!!

So far the ride has been fun. I think it may take awhile for me to understand the creating aspect. I have been testing the waters with some free files for now. Maybe sometime soon I will dip into making my own.


Hey Scott!

I haven’t seen you in a while in the store, come stop by when you have a chance. We miss you here!


Welcome the forum. Wish i lived 15 minutes away. Have fun.

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