Hello from Vancouver! K1 or P1P

Hello! Newbie here. What do people think about the K1 and P1P as they seem to be competing with each other. When Bambu lowered their price, Creality offereda discount to match the price reduction.

HI @dyops

Welcome to the forum, Glad you joined us.

This is going to be a loaded question, we have people here on both sides of the fence.

We have bought a P1P here for use in-store and because we have the K1 in stock now we can run them side by side. with certain exceptions, I truly like the Creality printers. Parts are inexpensive and out of the box they do just work. Only time will tell what the maintenance on the K1 will be like.

I personally am not a fan of the print head on the P1P that can only be purchased from Bamboo and I wouldn’t want to guess the price. Out of the box both work very well, the unique slicer that comes with the bamboo seems to be ok (I am not the one working with it day to day) but both have been impressed with their speeds and quality at that speed.

My Pref is the K1 due mostly to the “unknown” cost of maintenance on the P1P. No matter what goes on with the K1 I know the most expansive part is the mainboard at maybe $100ish. Everything else will be sub $50.