Hello from WWAED in Montreal

My username is WWAED (Short for WhatWouldAnEngineerDo, my Thingiverse username). I have two Creality FFF printers; an original Ender-3 and a kickstarter version of CR-6 SE. Before COVID-19 restrictions I also offered a 3D Printing 101 course and a Fusion 360 for Absolute Beginners course, through the John Abbott College Continuing Education program. Hopefully, I will be able to return to that when this pandemic is all over.
Meanwhile, I am an active participant in the CR-6 Community Firmware development project (as Thinkersbluff) and on Thingiverse (as WhatWouldAnEngineerDo) and now here, as WWAED. Looking forward to learning and sharing with fellow enthusiasts.

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Hi there WWAED

Thanks for the intro and welcome to the Forum