Hello from Zoetermeer, The Netherlands!

Hi there.
My name is Richard Kramer from Zoetermeer The Netherlands.
I’m relatively new to the 3D printing world.
I’ve started using FreeCad to realise a dream I’ve had for over 40 years: Building the Fokker S-14 Mach Trainer, the first and only jet designed and buiilt by Fokker.
With the design ready, I’m now printing the parts and hope to have a fiinished and ready to fly model by the middle of this year.


Welcome. sounds like a cool project

That is a really cool project!

Have you looked at Integza YouTube channel? He has been printing jet engines. Likely not related to what you are doing but it might be of interest.

Welcome :wave:
Sounds like a big and interesting job, I would love to see some pictures .

Excellent Caistor,

What will you be using for control interface? SaiTek?

Hello eeffoc. I’ll upload a photo here of my prototype. It’s 98% finished and meant to show me how to adjust my design for optimal printiing and construction

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Hello Keith. Would you mind explaining what you mean with “control interface”?

Hello Caistor.

I thought you were making a cockpit you could sit in and play flight simulators.
In my younger years (Before a wife to spend my $$ on)I had a cockpit that was a copy of the Cessna, we used in Air Cadets to pull the Gliders up in the air

I Also had made Model aircraft, i get my .stl from 3D Print Labs

Cessna L-19 Birddog what a great towplane

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