Hello My YouTube channel Gary Willett Animatronics

My YouTube channel Gary Willett Animatronics has been growing like Crazy ! 7000 Subscribers! My Art of 3D printed Animatronic Designs, I document everything, processes and techniques, Instructional How to do it. Will soon to setup a Youtube Patreon channel , Having designs and files available. Seeing this interest in My art of 3d Printed Animatronics makes me very Happy! Thank You ! Lets Make Creatures Move!


That’s awesome Gary! I have your original dvds on making the animatronic head and they’re amazing so I’d imagine anything similar would be equally cool!

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Hi Gary,

I have been a long term subscriber to your channel! You definitely deserve all the attention your getting.

Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what else you will create!

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