Help! Ender 3 mistake!

I have a broken piece of filament in the tube leading to the nozzle. I thought I would be clever and try and clear it by unscrewing a nut on top of the nozzle part and now it won’t screw back in. I will add a photo so you know what I mean. Could some kind person tell me how to get it back in place as it was easy to release? I really appreciate any help you can provide.

If you cross threaded it then good luck. If it just won’t go in then remove the tubing and screw the coupler in and reattach the tubing. If it is cross threaded you can try running the proper tap through it and see if it cleans it up enough to get a good thread.

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Thank you for your reply its not cross thread the screw/nut came u done ok it just won’t go in far enough for me to start using the spanner on it. Is the nut connected to the screw as the screw seems to turn with the nut? So I just pull the tube out and then the screw should go in?

UPDATE ok I managed to get it back in after watching a YouTube video of someone changing the tube. So, I still have some old filament stuck inside I have managed to put some new filament in behind it of about two inches in. Is there an extruder option to extrude/push the filament through?

Problem solved. After putting new filament in pushed as far as it would up to the stuck piece. I did a test bed print which used the stuck filament followed by the new!

It sounds like your issue is solved. The fittings if you never used one are a bit obscure. We often take it for granted everyone knows how they work.

The collet at the top (yours is white they often are black, or blue as well) press down as you pull the tube up. On occasion you may encounter a lock rung a small disk that prevents the collet from being pressed. They get lost super easily, I have a bag of them, they are not expensive.

Yes I always think everyone knows the Ender 3
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The tubing may be pulling the fitting off of center so that it is hard to get started, pulling the tube out should help’

Fixed now but thanks.