Help Needed - Ender 3 V2 Neo

I have just got a Ender 3 V2 Neo and have not been having much success. Right from the start it would not complete prints, just stopping part way through and the screen would lock up, I would have to cycle power.
I have reinstalled the Firmware and did some troubleshooting from reading the posts on here. Now the problem has changed to the machine not seeing the SD card at all. I purchased two new micro SD cards and it does not see them either.
I have now connected it directly to my computer and am attempting to print directly just to make sure there are no other issues.
The Firmware I installed is GD-Ender-3 V2-Marlin2.0.8.2-HW-V4.2.2-SW-V1.0.4_E_N_20211230


What motherboard does it have?

It a model V4.2.2 I had read an earlier post on that had checked before I downloaded the firmware.

Hi Randy

Welcome to the Forum, Glad you found us.

My first reaction is to say SD card but based on you trying a couple of others I can put that one on the back burner for now.

Let’s try to connect it via USB and print directly from CURA or Pronterface. If these are successful in the same print you may have to revisit the SD card thing. If they fail at all we can troubleshoot more but I would be looking toward a mainboard issue.

Sorry its not great news but we will figure it out with you.

Hello Jason,

The I have connected via USB and have print several large prints successfully. I too believe it is a mainboard issue.

At first the SD card slot worked, but won’t complete prints, now it doesn’t even see the SD card at all.


Unfortunately, I would tend to lean toward the SD card slot just failing. They are relatively cheap to buy but a very large pain to install.

I have done a couple of boards I could not get replacements for anymore however, in the end, it was usually a short-term fix.

Thanks, the machine is new I only got it on Wednesday, so I will discuss with the supplier.

fair enough. if it’s a warranty issue I would leave it at that and let the vendor take care of it.