Hemera Nightmare

I have a Hemera extruder with Revo hotend. Im getting Jams all the time. I have kept the tensioner tight, using brand new dry roll of PLA+, Temp is 200, Motor power is 1000ma, feels like heatcreep but not sure what I can do to fix this problem. honestly ready to junk it and get a Bondtech LGX with a different Revo heatsink. not sure this will fix it…

I think the first step is to try one change at a time. I’d start with different filament. If you have a premium brand (prusament, proto pasta ect.) it will help as they check the dimensions very carefully and have high quality winding.

Different filament eliminates filament issues.

I had one roll on it. and it was jamming, then I switched to same brand/Filamet but a brand new sealed roll and still had jamming.

I checked filament diameter in a dozen spots and its 1.74 - 1.75

Filament is Silver IIID Max Pla+

I tried an old roll of Polymaker PETG, thats been sitting around open for months. so far its skipping steps and barely extrudes at all.

nozzle was very clogged, used a needle to clear it out and its flowing again


have you used a new fan for the hot end cooling? I ask because sometimes old reused fans have lost their effectiveness. that hot end looks like it needs a lot of fan power on the heat sink

At first glance, an integrated extruder like the Hemera seems to make a lot of sense as it provides a very short and direct path from the extruder drive wheels to the heater block/nozzle.

However, I have been wondering about the heat from the stepper causing problems with the filament north of the heat break - has anybody done any kind of analysis of this?

Along with this, shouldn’t there be a definite cool down period after printing with the extruder stepper motor turned off to ensure that there isn’t any chance of heat creep (from the stepper motor) causing clogging in the heater block/nozzle?

I am glad you got this resolved. My experiences with IIID max are not good. they very graciously replaced a roll that was binding on its self but the replacement had issues too as does all the other rolls of the 4 I bought.

Clogs happen, it is just a fact of life. A while ago I would have said filaments are at a standard now they are interchangeable and the difference are more aesthetic. Now I no longer do. I found IIID max to be poorly rolled causing jams, and it caused clogs for no reason I could fathom. My guess is there is something contaminating the filament that doesn’t melt. Guessing.

The contact area between the motor and heatsink is minimal, but I do think it contributes

I added a stronger 40x40x20 fan to help keep creep down to a minimum

Before I added the better fan I did a test where I added a thermistor with some tape to the side of the heatsink, and tracked the temps for 90min, increased from 21 → 28 degrees when hotend was at 220

Seemed to settle around 27-28 , motor was only barely warm

In terms of filament diameter consistency, I can’t say for sure this is my issue. When I measure it, all seems fine. Perhaps just dirty and I should be using a filter/oiler to catch contamination

Are you sure it isn’t heat creep or some other reason. I have been printing III3 max without any problem and I haven’t had any problems with the filament binding. May be just different roles???

I did have some problems with plugs etc early on but I did the “Luke Hatfield” trick “a short piece of Capricorn tubing in the extruder” and I have not had a problem since. I don’t know if this would work or help on a Hemera.

Yes 100% if I grabbed the filament and kept unrolling it and making sure it is loose it printed fine. It is the filament roll not the printer all were the same.