Here's how to get the most from Thingiverse

It’s really quite remarkable that Thingiverse is still around. MakerBot’s 3D model repository was there at the beginning, sitting shotgun to the big bang of desktop 3D printing, and has ridden the choppy waters of MakerBot changing hands, focus, the home printing hype wave of 2015/16 screeching to a halt, plus and the countless competitor platforms that, arguably, do it better.

Tip 1: Use a 3rd party search site to search Thingiverse.
Tip 2: Use a Thingiverse alternative.

Essentially don’t use Thingiverse? LOL :joy:

It really is surprising it is still around and as big as it still is. Even with all the competitor platforms I still use thingiverse mostly for some reason…


Thingiverse has become iconic. Kind of like Google, except I wish they’d actually use a Google search appliance engine (do those still exist?).

I agree, its like looking for an aspirin, its usually Tylenol or Advil but I still ask for aspirin.

everyone says to use thingiverse it always my go to starting point. scary part is I was looking for my keys at the house the other day and my daughter told me to go to thingiverse and print new ones…

I kind of didn’t really know what to say, and if you know me you are aware, that’s a rare case in my house.