Hey from Airdrie

Hi everyone,
Started 3D printing almost one year ago now I’m spending my kids college money melting vegetables into cool shit.

Star Wars and MCU Nerd

ANET A8 (currently in need of some TLC)
Ender 3 Pro upsized to a 400x400x500 w/MS Direct Drive and a BLT waiting to be installed.

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Jason Harding


Can you show us your E3Pro mod? I’m in the process of building a larger printer myself. I didn’t want to up-size the E5Pro as it’s my only printer and I need one to be functioning in case I need to make parts for the upcoming Frankenprinter.

You bet…This is my Frankenprinter. Started out as an Ender 3 Pro. I upsized it to a 400x400x500 build volume. www.enderextender.com

I went with the upgrade kit as it would give me near the same build volume as a CR10-S5 without having to drop an additional $900

Currently troubleshooting some print quality issues and building an enclosure.

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Welcome to our community.

Thanks. Glad to be here.