Hey new to the forum, but been printing for years

I got some EuroPla recently, and I have been having the hardest time getting it to print properly on my Ender 3. I am following the recommended temps, but it won’t stick to the bed, and sometimes to itself… stringy, etc… suggestions on settings? temp, etc?

Hey @Nebey

Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us. Happy you are here.

I would always recommend to anyone to do a temp tower for any new filament to find its sweet spot. Generally, the Euro will print at a lower temp than you would expect, White would be around 190 black could be up about 200, 80-90% fan and 65 deg bed.

That is where I would start, If you are having the biggest problem with bed adhesion, what kind of surface are you printing on? have you cleaned it with ISO 99.9, Usually that’s the biggest key.

I don’t know if this will help but what I do is to print (Ender 3V2) on glass WITH GLUE (old school but it works). First layer on bed at 70 C, reduce to 50C for the print and 125% on the initial layer line width. I also print the first layer at 220C on the nozzle and turn it down after that maybe 200-210C. Someone on this site suggested those settings and I have never had a bad first layer or corner peel since and generally good prints. Must cool to be removed.

thank you, yeah I have been considering a temp tower. Just forgot what it was called. I am currently printing green at 190, with a bed temp of 40. (as per the directions on the spool box). While it failed on my ender 3 pro, it seems to be working on my ender 3v2 I just picked up. I think this is my current issue in general, the ender 3 pro is worn out, I have replaced a lot of it, but its time to tear it down completely and replace everything else

I am currently getting success on my ender 3 v2… it has a glass bed, I am using glue on the glass bed, but I do have a new spring metal print surface to install

with a new surface on it, you will find a world of difference when printing, Newest one we are selling here at the store is carbon fibre, the only downside is you will need a glue stick to print on it. It cleans up quickly and can be used as a Frisby in a pinch… LOL

here is the link to the temp tower I always use