Hey-O from Ottawa!

what’s going on everyone, i have been 3d printing since 2016. i have 3 fdm printers and a msla resin printer. oh, and a palette2s, which i highly recommend, if you got the cash. willing to help anyone out.

20210203_114420 just got the mini a few weeks ago.

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Jason Harding

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Hello Keith,

I Like how you have the Concrete Block under your Prusa MK3 / 3S.

I’ve had good luck with soft 10mm foam under the block and printer right on the block (reduced noise levels)

it helps big time. my new prusa mini is sitting on one of those crappy ikea desks, and its so loud.

the printer on the left was once an anet a8, now prints better than my mk3s. the right is my mk3s. running octoprint on both.