Hey there, from New Brunswick

Hey folks,

For almost a year I’ve spent most days looking at printers, and never pulling the trigger on getting one. I finally got one for Xmas and it was a printer I didn’t even know existed. That print is the Eryone ER-20.

Now that I have one, all I want is another one like an Ender where I can more easily modify it. Mostly due to the size of their community. With that said I got my hands on a new direct drive extruder that I have to create a mount for because it’s user base is much smaller than its competitors. On top of that I’m trying to learn how to use Fusion 360 so I can make said mount.

So, that’s my little poorly written intro. I look forward to being apart of this community and hope I can gain more knowledge.

Welcome to the Forum

We appreciate you joining us here in our new community.

Make sure you share your favorite prints or best upgrades.

Jason H

What part of NB? I am from the north shore, near Campbellton.


Currently in Saint John. Originally I’m from Miramichi…and depending on who you ask, also the North Shore lol.