Hi all from Vittoria

Just invited to join, so thanks for that.
I’m retired near port dover…
Recently upgraded from JGAurora A5S to SEckit SK-Go2 recently.
Having all the usual ups and downs will try and help anyone i can…

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Welcome to the Forum

We appreciate you joining us here in our new community.

Make sure you share your favorite prints or best upgrades.

Jason Harding

@SteveG Welcome to the forums,

I see you upgraded to an SK-Go2, how do you like it? This in on my short list for a second printer. I currently have an Ender 3 pro and was looking for something bigger.

Ive owned several printers - the SK is the best yet. I dont think its available presently as Ernest is designing a new one. Its perfect for the tinkerer, im running the standard volcano head with BMG but others are trying all sorts of hot ends for fun. I hate printers with the hotplate moving in Y, it seems a obvious design flaw limiting speed. I love the machined rails of the SK, the heat up time is very short, ive printed carbon PC easily. Id thoroughly recommend it. Great fun putting it together - learnt a lot.