Hi everyone from Niagara region

Hi, been hanging around for a few weeks here and find this to be a great forum.
Had my ender 3 v2 for around a month now and having a lot of fun with it.
Made a few things for around the house and toys for my daughter. With everything I printed, I always looked at the spool holder (side mounted and wondered if, with all the jerking around it does) if the spool could actually walk itself off the small lip on the end. So I came up with this today. Pic attached I hope. Easy to put on and take off yet still has a positive grip on the holder.

HI @Bikemike

Welcome to the forum, I like your idea, Practical and solves a problem. Personally never had the issue but I can absolutely see how it may be a concern.

Look forward to seeing some of your other designs, Post up a pic of your printed guard and lets see it in action.

Here it is installed with a spool on.

And without spool.

Nice job, Very clean