Hi from a New Beginner


I am new to the 3D printing scene. I’ve been wanting to get into it for a long time but never made it a priority to buy a printer and get started. I still need to purchase one but I’ve set aside some funds and am doing research! Currently I have my eye on a Ender 3 V2 though I see there’s a Neo version as well and I just can’t figure out which one is the better buy.

At any rate, I thought I’d jump in and get my feet wet with a community of printers and this place seemed interesting after googling 3D printing forum haha XD Anyways, I hope to learn a lot from the trials and tribulations of others and also to share any support I can along the way.

Thanks! Carn

I have an Ender 3V2 and no regrets. The Ender 3V2 Neo is a tarted up version of the V2, it has some dressing that makes it look more “modern” but it is basically a V2 with some useful upgrades. I have applied all of those to my printer, basically my V2 is a Neo with even more mods. If you can afford the Neo then that would be the better choice.

Ah thanks Loosenut! I appreciate the input. I haven’t even looked into upgrades yet though I did see a few videos that talked about better parts for the v2. I suppose if I’m going to end up getting better parts and the Neo has them already, it’s better to just go with that.


You have to be careful about modding a printer, it can be difficult to stop.

The first things I did was put a metal extruder, better bed springs and Capricorn tubing on it. These are on the Neo


92mm MB and PW supply fans, less noise and better cooling
Cr touch (also on Neo)
Dual z axis drive
filament run out senor
Micro SD card adapter (important for any printer to prevent the card slot from wearing out)

Then there are the homemade and printed mods ------

gantry braces
roller mount (ball bearing) for filament
slot covers
drag chains
hotend shroud and new fans
filament guides
tool holders etc, etc, etc.

Now I’m going with Linear rails,…IT’S A MADNESS AND I CAN’T STOP but still cheaper then a Prusa

P.S. Capricorn tubing is an important upgrade for any printer (boden type) that doesn’t come with it. It handles the heat better. Be warned that it can start you down the road to modding and it is a terrible monkey to have on your back.