Hi from Goderich, Ontario

Total noob to 3D printing but not 3D modelling. I was able to pick up a Creality Ender 3 S1 Plus at a very good price. Ordered some filament from 3D Printing Canada and hoping to get started soon.

I have been an industrial designer for more than 40 years and started using Solidworks about 15 years ago. Hoping to be able to print some of my models down to a specific scale once I get comfortable with my printer.

During my practice I am hoping to make some toys for my grandchildren. Looking forward to the hobby since I am now retired and enjoying life.

All the best.


Hello Blenky,

Welcome. I fiddled with solid works a few years ago, I ended up switching to Fusion. Solidworks was a bit much for my needs!

I can’t wait to see what you are doing!


Thanks Alex.

Yes it is always what you are most comfortable with and as long as it gets the results you are looking for. The company I worked for was switching from AutoCad 2D to some type of 3D software. I was given the task to find the right one for our needs. After trying many of them we settled on Solidworks. So all my training was done on that. I currently have my own license of SW so no need to look at anything else.

Should have me printer up and running right after Christmas so I am sure I will be calling on this forum for lots of help along the way. Looking forward to the fun.


I was using one of the licences we had at work for solid works. (don’t ask me why we had 12 extra licences no body needed… 8-0 When it expired I had already been fiddling with Fusion and solid works and the price tag made the decision easy.

I hope you have a great experience with the printer. My 4th printer after running them for 6 years… maybe 7 and managing a photo department for 30 years I figured no issues. New printer mod it off the hop.

No warranty (voided) and tech support… (2-6 weeks for reply…) and lots of REALLY bad connections inside (JST jammed into a Dupont! held with glue.) and bad boards odd broken connectors like someone jammed the wrong connector … oh exactly that. The end of that experience is a 700$ printer with 1100$ in parts I have no clue how much time oh and it needs it 3rd main board in 1 year… has left me with a gun shy attitude. I will never buy a printer for home or work (there are I lost count now over 25 at work) that I have not sent a message to tech support with a pre sales question. A moderately complicated one and if I wait more than 48 hours for a reply. It is a hard no.

I also am a maker (to steal Jo’s tag line) I am not interested in endless messing with the printer. In photo there are ‘photographers’ that never take pictures, they buy gear and test it but never use it. Not my thing, I appreciate the data and expertise they accumulate. I just really want to make prints not tinker with a printer. When you get comments from me it is filtered though these experiences and tenancy’s.