Hi from Manitoba

Hi. I am both new to both 3D printing and this site. I have had absolutely zero experience with 3D printing or and designing software prior to getting my 3D printer, and Ender 3. So far it has been both fun and challenging. I have had no major problems yet with either, and am slowly learning every time I use it. My main purpose for it was well, they are cool and I have wanted one for a while. But honestly, I wanted it mainly for making small parts and odds-n-ends for rc planes. But as of late, since the ol’ lady got involved, it has been an earring and necklace pendant making machine. The best was when I did tell her that no, I would not be making a new pair of earrings every day… So thanks for allowing me to be here. I may not post too much, as I don’t really know much, but I definately will be reading and learning for sure.

Hello New2Print.

Welcome to our Forum!

Please post you RC prints, and some of the Gifts for “The Lady”

Maybe your pics will help others inspire to make gifts for loved ones!!

Will do. Just have a couple free minutes now, but will try and get some pictures up later today or tomorrow on a new thread. Thanks.