Hi From Oil City Ontario Canada

I am relatively new to 3d printing. I purchased an Anycubic Mega Pro last November and recently just added a Vivedino Troodon, both running on Octoprint. Having lotsa fun, is still a big learning curve. I have been using cura as my main slicer but recently just downloaded prusaslicer. It has the profiles for my Anycubic but I can’t find any profiles for the Troodon. Anyone know where to find Troodon profiles for prusaslicer?



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Welcome to the form! I have been looking at the Troodon myself. I have a Prusa, artillery x1, Monoprice and a Tiko.

I don’t know of peoples for the trodden but the Voron is almost exactly the same you might be able to find boron ones and adapt them?


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I love my troodon I have one at home and 2 in the shop, the troodon comes with profiles on the memory card. My opinion is the troodon is better then voron plus it comes built so if u don’t like building the troodon is perfect