Hi from Riondel, British Columbia!

Hello! I am antsriondel, and I am going to start a ant keeping business that sells 3d printed nests. I hope to learn more about 3d printing.

Hey, finally somebody from my neck of the woods. I’m on the other side of Nelson near South Slocan.


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HI, @antsriondel Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us in our little corner of the web.

Hope to see you here often

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That sounds like a neat idea, good luck with your business! Our company (Tempus 3D) is pretty close to you, our office is located in Trail in the Selkirk Technology Access Center. Welcome to the 3D printing community!

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Hi all. I was living in Campbell River on Vancouver Island. Now I am in Calgary Alberta. Where you from?

HI @Broll

I am in Hamilton right now, originally from St. John’s, NL I moved to Ontario in early 2000.

Jeeze that was a long time ago now…

hello from central BC welcome to this insanity of rabbit holes we call a hobby
good luck on the startup

Thanks! Yeah I have an Ender 3 s1 and it has been performing like a workhorse.

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Good stuff!

Welcome to our forum here! Printing ant nests is certainly a fascinating idea. I wish you luck with your business!

If there is anything else we can do to help you please reach out!


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