Hi from Rives Junction MI

Hi to everyone. I have 3 creality printers. A 2pro, an original 3 and a 3 max neo. Like to see what everyone is doing and help in some small way if I can.

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Hi gmal55

Quick question, any advice on replacing the noisy fans? I’m trying out an adaptor for the fan shroud to let me run a 60mm quiet fan instead of the noisy 40mm stock one. Is there a common fix I’m missing?

Hey 3d printing bro. Welcome forum to from CR M4 guitar body printer in OHIO.

Sorry I never changed mine. They’re ib another room and never really bothered me.

Thanks. I’m hoping to make a guitar one of these days. Thats why I got the Neo Max.

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Noctua’s are good for the MB and power supply but you need to go much larger. I replaced mine with 92MM fans. Supposedly they fail on the hot end, to little air flow to really work well.