Hi from Thunder Bay!

Hi everyone! It’s nice seeing other intros from other locals :smile:

I kickstarted an Ankermake that arrived over the weekend. The bundled filament isn’t shipping until January so I ordered some from here. I’m an absolute beginner with 3d printing, so figured why not start with a brand new brand of printers with limited crowd support :rofl:

My main projects for this are a ghostbuster proton pack (for me) and some monster truck ramps for my 5 year old. He’s already request a “kraken destroying a ship” haha. If his creativity isn’t a motivator to push up the learning curve, I’m not sure what will be.

Was wondering if PLA+ will be ok for random kid toy stuff, or is it overkill and PLA would be fine? There are some more multi-colour options available for standard PLA.

Any specific tips/tools/materials/links on filling prints for the proton pack?


Welcome and good luck. this hobby is as much about tinkering as it is about actually making parts. PLA or PLA plus should be fine for everything you mention I don’t find much difference but PLA plus might be more durable as has more recent formulations. Different brands will be different. to start concentrating on small stuff and getting a good first layer and tuning the rest to get the best settings for good-looking prints. it’ll save you a ton of work finishing the bigger prints later.

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Thanks Glenn !That reminds me - the printer has a self levelling system, but are there good “calibration prints” or something to get an idea how the printer is performing?

I found the site Teaching Tech 3D Printer Calibration but would love to see of forum favourites.

that would be where I would have sent you, the reason is it will really help you to know what’s going on and the factors involved in the results. if the automated system works, then that’s great but with everything 3d printer related eventually something is not going to be right and you’ll be loads better off knowing what caused it so you can tweak the automation back to working again

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PLA+ will be fine. It is a little more flexible then standard PLA so it has some give. If you won’t a part to be stiff then use PLA, it may break easier.

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