Hi I'm Craig, just landed from Etobicoke

Hi All,

My name is Craig Steele, I have have a problem, I have been addicted to 3d printing for 2 years now and its been 3 days since my last print.

I work in the film business as an Assistant Key Grip, but when I’m not doing that I am a devoted dad to 3 kids.

In all seriousness love this hobby with meshes well with my love of home flight sim, 3d design, and tinkering. I am currently running 2x Artillery Sidewinders and 3x CR-20 Pros all connected with octoprint. I am using Cura as my main slicer right now but also have S3d (which is a love hate relationship). I am planning later on this year to build a virtual pinball machine, and a full size arcade cabinet powered with retropi.

I have been very impressed with 3d Printing Canada’s service (selection and speedy delivery) very glad to see that they have started up a nice forum for us Canuks. Looking forward to collaborating / discussion with all of you.


In 3d print solidarity!

Craig Steele

Hello Craig,

I Believe I’ve spoken to you on the Phone Before.

I understand the Printing withdrals that come from not printing for 3 days!

Mr. Keith Guitar, 3DPC

HI Craig

Welcome and glad to see I’m not the only one with a problem