Hi! New Ender 3 V2 owner, trying to upgrade firmware, stuck on black screen

I tried to upgrade my firmware on my ender 3 v2, and now it’s stuck on a black screen, I can’t seem to figure out why as well, any help would be appreciated!

Have you verified that you can still read the SD card on a computer?

  • Even so, try a different SD card.
  • Try installing the manufacturer’s default firmware, just to confirm your firmware isn’t buggy.
  • I’m fairly certain that the E3V2 doesn’t have the filename restrictions that earlier versions had, but just to be safe, try just naming the firmware “firmware.bin”
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Thank you! That actually helped me solve my issue!!

Why are you upgrading firmware on a new Ender 3 V2?
I would suggest learning the printer before upgrading anything.

Upgrading the printer was one of the recurring things to do when getting the printer - it’s been working fine now.
Edit: the firmware was also wildly out of date so it doesn’t hurt to update it.