High Flow kit with Sonic Pad

Is there anyone on here that is running a S1 Pro with the S1 High Flow kit? Do you suggest the kit the get the most out of the Sonic Pad? Another question; what nozzle does the S1 High Flow use?

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I have not had a chance to mess around with the High Flow kit yet, What kinda speeds are you looking at getting out of the S1?

I would like to see something around the +100mm/s range with good quality of course.

Fair enough, that should be doable. Not 100% positive you will actually need a high flow for that but it will not hurt. Especially if the mounts for the hot end are better than the factory.

Maybe someone else on here has had a chance to see the high flow kit and can comment?

Ok thanks. Are you able to tell me the type of nozzle the high flow kit has? There is no info on the Creality site and I have seen conflicting statements online. Sounds like it is a longer 7-7.5 mm V6.

I will dig around and see what I can find, I do not know off hand but I have some docs I can look into

I use a stock Sprite Extruder and I print PLA at 100 mm/s and ABS at 80 mm/s using a .4 mm nozzle. I think the high flow kit is really aimed at those who use much bigger nozzles since you need to push more filament. Keep in mind I am running the Sonic Pad, so input shaper is a factor to the speeds I use.

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