High-strength materials - What do you reocmmend?

PC? ABS? Nylon? Carbon-fibre infused PETG/Nylons etc?

What would you recommend for my next high strength 3d printing application?

Wouldn’t it depend on what the application is? For instance, (just as an example) I know that many synthetic stocked hunting rifles use glass filled nylon similar to the carbon fibre you can print, along with aluminum pillars to create a rigid platform that absorbs shock from recoil.

Honestly I think some trial and error mixed with knowledge of each material is the way to go to avoid over engineering and material waste.

I have over time become more fond of PC. It is hellishly strong yet prints with about the same ease as PETG (if your printer can do the higher temperatures).

Watch out for shock though - you need to de-stress via annealing if you want your PC prints to handle shock-loads.

PC nylon petg yes. no, it depends. High strength isn’t the right question. Flexible, impact resistance, static loads, dynamic loads, it depends.

It isn’t a simple answer.