Hiprecy Leo Printer

I have a Hiprecy Leo Printer. It had been working well, but now I have a Thermal Runaway error.

I have it set to 200, it goes up to 190, starts, and then quickly loses 15 degrees, slowly goes up, continues to print, and then it eventually stops with Thermal Runaway error.

Any thoughts or ideas to fix this?

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Sounds like either bad wiring or a bad thermister/ heater. Have you done anything to the hotend latley that could potentially distrub the thermister or heater wires? Like change a nozzle or hotend?

2 things id reccommend.

1st being with the printer unplugged. Examine the wires to the thermister on the hotend. Your looking for fraying wires or broken wires.

2 if all checks out. Plug back in your printer, and run a hotend PID tune. See how it reacts.

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I am with @Dr.Marvin. It sounds like a bad thermister or heat cartridge. The thermister even if the wires are fatigued it can give bad temps. My personal call would be just replace them. You can fiddle with it like suggested I not saying that is a bad idea. Personally for 20$ I would just pop new ones in and see if that fixed the issue. There is a chance it will then you are done. faster solution.

This is coming from someone who is struggling with finding time, keep that in mind my solutions are often about speed. The printer is not my interest printing is.

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