Hit and miss with TPU and the X1

I’ve had some success and some failures in using TPU with the Sidewinder X-1. Apart from higher temps than PLA for both the bed and nozzle and slowing the first layer down significantly (like 33% speed) does anyone have suggestions that increase the probability of success? I also have an enclosure to keep the ambient temps up and I use Prusa slicer.


It all depends on the TPU that you are using. I USE SAINSMART printed at 215 on the nozzle 60 on the bed and because my machine is tuned I can print over 100mm/second, you need the right extruder. But with that being said with that machine you should be able to print 60mm/second unless you have under 95a tpu 82a and lower like 25mm. Retractions on your machine should be set to 1.

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Not sure what you mean by failure, but for me it’s the bed adhesion. More so with TPE, but to combat this, I layer the bed with 3M clear packing tape. I’ve tried hairspray, blue painters tape, but nothing sticks as well as the packing tape. Almost too good. I found after running multiple stringing tests at different temperature, cooling, and retraction, my best result for the brand of TPU I have is the same temperature as PLA, retraction up at 2mm, and cooling only during bridging. I suspect every brand of TPU and printer is going to be different. Run the stringing test to find the right temperature, speed, cooling, and retraction for your brand. I don’t think you can ever eliminate stringing altogether though for TPU?

I never get smooth TPU prints it is the only material I struggle with. I usually get terrible blobs where the seam is, some stringing too.