Hobby King PET-G

Hey gang!

So for Christmas I was given some Hobby king premium apple green Pet-G. I am actually really liking it. It says it is made in Holland. I suspect it is just re-branded.

I have been burned with Hobby King orders in the past, I would rather avoid that again.

Does anyone know who makes this filament? I like the colour and it prints way better than I expected.

Sorry to say I don’t know. If it’s good, it’s good enough I guess. I find that house brands at $20 to $25 CAD are all pretty standard and predictable. The 3d printing canada carbon fibre petg is however outstanding. As long as you want it black, or don’t care if it is, look no further. More than fair at $29 CAD per Kg. I like to stock up when available.

I find that Euro filaments are nice, but not generally worth 50% more than others. Like most people I have a few go to favorites but I try to stick with “as good as or better than for same or less”. It takes some experimenting for certain.

I rarely get hung up of filament I have never really encountered a really bad one. Some just print better than others. The colour of the apple green is the colour of a Granny Smith apple, I like it and it prints very well. I am unwilling to pay more than normal for it. The duty over the boarder makes it a no way for me. (Most of the hobby king stuff I don’t like the ABS is seriously smelly). I doubt they make it. So it might be available in Canada under a different name. I was hopeful. Oh well. I really should be using the rolls I have. Too many…